Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Industrial Revolution

As the world becomes increasingly technological it has become obvious that many consumers do not know the full capabilities of their electronics, or why they purchased them in the first place. Everywhere you look there are advertisements attempting to persuade you to buy this or to buy that. Such advertisements can easily bewilder consumers. I myself have been a casualty of what I like to call "blind purchase". My first laptop was a Sony Vaio FW378 series laptop. It was my first year in college and I knew that I needed a laptop. I bought this laptop because I saw an advertisement on television that claimed this was the most advanced, powerful laptop at the time, and so without doing any further research I purchased the laptop for $1,199. What I needed in a laptop was portability and battery life, and while this was a great laptop it did not fulfill that purpose at all. The battery lasted at most 3 hours, and the screen was 17" and quite heavy. The Viao laptop that I purchased was a multimedia machine. So in essence I wasted over $700 on features that I did not need.

As they say knowledge truly is empowering, and when I began to learn about computers and smartphones I couldn't help but become hooked into this world of gadgets. Events such as this one, where I did not buy the product that fit my needs, and the questions that I receive from my friends in regards to what are the best electronics to purchase have inspired me to create this blog. My goals in creating this blog are tri-fold: firstly I would like to provide as much information as possible on today's most popular electronics. Secondly I will also use this blog to discuss the newest and most interesting technologies. Thirdly I would like to use this blog to provide my peers who are not usually exposed to such technical things a chance to understand this world I live in.

This will be a work in progress with many growing pains however I am confident that it will turn out to be an enjoyable and educational process. In addition to being great educational tools, blogs are also a place for expression and to meet others with similar interests. In the end I know that I will gain something great from this blog.

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