Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Just Business

China is known as the biggest market for knock-offs and fakes in the world. It's usually easy to spot these technological fakes because they have names such as BlockBerry instead of BlackBerry, or Nokla instead of Nokia. But every once in a while the fine engineers of knock-off goods produce such an outstanding replica that I wouldn't be able to blame you for having to look twice. Take this phony HTC Evo 4G, these guys have no qualms with even copying the same Sprint logo and promise of 4G.
 Every heard of the HTC EVO 4g?. Yea its pretty nice; 4g, Android, 8mp camera and all that yea yea.  But wouldn't you prefer the phone without that pesky Android operating system? Or useless 8mp camera weighing your phone down? Well you are in luck.

How does that phone strike ya? Looks like the EVO 4G to me. You get everything you want essentially. A nice 4.3 inch screen a 3mp camera with flash, oh and of course that Windows Mobile 6.5 goodness that you have been missing. All you have to give up in exchange is the Android operating system, the 8mp camera, the HDMI out, 4G capabilities, high resolution screen, and 720p video. Sounds like a good trade to me. all for the low low price of 700 yuan ($106). Whats not to love about this phone?

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The blogger that I am imitating Paul Miller.

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