Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kinect Helps The Blind See

Let me preface this post by dispelling a common misconception about "hackers". Most people think of hackers as people who break into computer networks, and have malicious intentions. Hacker has become synonymous with criminal. However the term hacker has quite a few meanings associated with it. A hacker can be a person "who makes innovative customizations or combinations of retail electronic and computer equipment" (Wikipedia). 

While browsing around for new gadgets and other technological news I happened to stumble across this intriguing story of how an intrepid group of hackers have used a Microsoft Kinect to help the blind see. Yea you read that correctly. This really shows the ingenuity of these hackers, everyday I spend looking at the latest technologies I am amazed at the things people are doing with electronics. Video after the break.

This is not the first time intrepid citizens have taken a form of technology and adapted it to another use. Recenlty a group used a Kinect to create 3D models in real space. The potential behind this discovery is limitless, all kinds of discoveries and inventions are possible. I would not be surprised by talks of 4D at some point.

Of course there are a few inventions that are not as useful but they sure are cute. Like this alarm clock that will run away and hide if you do not wake up. This is a list of other interesting inventions.

picture and video from Engadget.


  1. Very cool. Maybe some day they will be able to make it a lot smaller and more aesthetically appealing. But, its functionality is definitely a plus. Thanks for posting this.

  2. WOW!!!! This is so cool; what a great advance in technology. The only thing I would like differently is a different voice for the navigator. Why do they always have the annoying women robots? Can't they get a real person or someone cool like Morgan Freeman to tell you where to go?!