Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newly released Amazon Cloud Player

For all of you music lovers out there(TheeArteest) I have something amazing. Amazon has just released their Cloud Music Player. If you have never heard of Cloud Computing then please proceed to click that link. I plan to do a more in-depth post on cloud computing at a later date. The one thing I want to say about this Cloud Player is that Amazon continues to deliver on quality products. The setup for this Cloud Player is quite simple. Log into or create an account and you will be greeted with a message informing you of the new Cloud Player. Users will be given 5gb of free storage with any song being downloaded from the Amazon music store not counting against that 5gb maximum. Once uploaded to the cloud you will be able to listen to your music from any computer in the world, and also from your Android mobile device. Amazon as taken the first step toward the future of computing as we know it. Imagine having access to all of your files, photos, music, etc across multiple devices. Now that Amazon has done this you can be sure that other major competitors (Google, Apple) will quickly reveal their plans for cloud computing.


  1. This thing is blowing my mind right now lol. So basically Amazon Cloud Player is an awesome storage device? I'm hardly as technologically-apt as you, so any more info about this cool cloud thingy helps!

    :) Sarah

  2. Lol, you do not have to be a tech guru or anything like that to use this. Just upload your songs to your amazon account, using the provided uploader. Then you can go to from any computer or your Android phone and listen to your music. The uploader is pretty slow though, took me 1 day to upload 500 songs. The whole cloud computing thing is a story for another day.